Wavecrest is one of the most diverse angling destinations in South Africa. It offers pretty much all aspects of shore angling. From shallow bays that are filled with Bronze Bream to river mouths and estuaries; Wavecrest is the ideal fishing destination. With deep-water points and open beaches to deeper gullies for Musselcracker and a wide range of other rock-dwelling fish; it offers excellent fishing all year round.
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Two rivers, the Nxaxo and Ngqusi, converge here. They are extremely productive and perfect for light tackle enthusiasts, especially fly-fishing, lure and dropshot lovers. Species vary from plentiful Kob and Grunter to Garrick, along with a whole range of smaller estuarine species, especially during the warm summer months. The river system has various holes, which hold very good fish, such as Kob.

A stunning stretch of the beach north of the hotel makes for excellent Pignose Grunter and Kob angling. The block in the river mouth produces great catches of Garrick, Shad, Pignose Grunter, Kob and Raggies. Artificial lures off the block will produce great catches of Garrick and Kob.

Further south, Coal Reef, Kob Hole and Scallop Point are great deep water spots which can produce Musselcracker, great Kob, Bronze Bream and a whole host of other rock-dwelling species.

Our shop sells bait, including sardine and pink prawn, as well as a variety of hooks, sinkers and basic fishing tackle. We also stock lures that work well for this area. We provide two bait storage freezers for our guests, which are accessible 24-hours.

Please be aware of our Sustainable Fishing Policy. We encourage catch and release and urge anglers to only remove what you can eat for that day. The direct result of this fishing policy is that guests are rewarded with great catches.

Our chef will prepare your catch in a delectable dish for your table. Please note that if your other half is not an avid angler, our spa has a whole range of treatments. Wavecrest is the perfect place to take your wife on a fishing trip!

*Fishing Licenses are required, and can be obtained at any post office. Guests may bring their own boats, however strictly no water sports and idle speed only, as both rivers are no wake zones. Boats launched out to sea require Skippers licences and necessary safety equipment.


Wavecrest is situated at a crystal clear estuary, fed by two mangrove-lined rivers, which meander through pristine dune forest. The hotel is situated on the southern banks of the productive Nxaxo estuary and is the ideal starting point for all birding. The wide variety of habitat types are easily accessible and within close walking distance to the Hotel.
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The rivers are quiet (no watersports are allowed) and can also be explored in comfortable, stable kayaks and are exceptional for viewing kingfishers, of which at least seven species are regularly seen. Of these, the most sought after is the Mangrove Kingfisher, which breeds here in summer and when sightings can be virtually guaranteed. A variety of waders can be encountered on the mudflats. Upper reaches of the river may yield African Finfoot, Mountain Wagtail, Crowned Eagle (that breeds here) and Whitebacked Night Heron.

The large tracts of dune forest produce specials, such as Spotted Ground-Thrush (summer breeding here), Narina Trogon (common), Buffspotted Flufftail, Pygmy Kingfisher, Olive Bush-Shrike, Blue-mantled Crested Flycatcher and Knysna Woodpecker. On the forest edges Barrett’s Warbler, Grey- and Olive Sunbird, Orange-breasted Bush-Shrike and Knysna Warbler can be spotted.

The open grasslands are good for Black-winged Lapwing, Cape and Yellow-throated Longclaw, European Roller and Amur Falcon. The grassy hills above the coast create a good vantage point for open ocean specials. The mixed coastal woodland is extremely productive, with species such as Chinspot Batis, Black-crowned Tchagra and Red-capped Robin-Chat being common.

To make your visit even more spectacular, we occasionally have Crowned Cranes that come down to roost on the beach in front of the hotel in the evening. This is truly an incredible occurrence to experience.

We offer 4×4 trips to Collywobbles Cape Vulture colony, one of the largest vulture colonies in SA. Great photographic opportunities.

Hiking & Trail running

Wavecrest offers a variety of walks and trails with magnificent scenery. The different vegetation types, which come together at Wavecrest, have given us the opportunity to create a diverse range of exciting trail options. Come and wander our network of scenic walking and hiking trails. Whether you want to stroll along the grassy coastal hills full of wildflowers, watch the antics of dolphins and whales, or spend time exploring the deep forests; we have a trail for you
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Walking options cater for all ages and fitness levels, and range from gentle strolls to full day trails.

You can wander along the grassy coastal hills that always display a profusion of wildflowers. These walks meander up to high points where it is worthwhile spending some time. From these vantage points you have a good chance of being entertained by dolphins, whales and gannets.

The trails south from the hotel eventually lead to the Kobonqaba River, a quiet, secluded river mouth and beach that is perfect for picnicking. Crossing the river, heading further south, you will encounter the wreck of the Jacaranda, which ran aground in 1971.

Coastal walks north-east of the hotel lead to a pristine beach and some lovely natural tidal pools and fishing spots. Large Milkwood trees grow right onto the beach, which makes relaxing in the shade with a good book and picnic only a pleasure. You can also climb the high dunes and enjoy the view for miles and miles around.

There are several forest walks to explore. You can discover the Nxaxo dune forest and visit its majestic trees, or spend time searching for Blue Duiker and Crowned Eagles. This is a large tract of forest. It skirts the river and offer various routes to explore and choose from. The forest patches south of the hotel are always abuzz with its plentiful birdlife.

If you appreciate the mystery and history of shipwrecks you will not be disappointed. Wavecrest is in close proximity of the following wrecks that you can investigate:

Jacaranda (1971) Talana (1934) Eole (1829) Boundless (2013) Our trails are self-guided. However, if you want to learn more about the area; knowledgeable local guides are available to enhance your experience.


Wavecrest has four mountain bikes which are available for you to rent, or use your own bike to explore this area’s beautiful beaches and coastal trails.


Stable kayaks are available for guests to use at no cost. There are two river systems feeding the estuary which are lined with fascinating mangrove forests and the bird watching is excellent.

Beach Time

Wavecrest’s coastline offers miles of pristine white beaches and secluded and quiet inlets where you can put up an umbrella, take a swim, and spend lazy days watching whales and dolphins swimming by.


Nestled along the serene waters, our barge offers a one-of-a-kind retreat, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the soothing rhythm of the river while exploring breathtaking landscapes. Whether you’re seeking a romantic getaway or a family adventure, the Wavecrest barge provides the perfect setting with incredible panoramic views as you cruise along the waterways, or simply unwind on deck as the scenery unfolds around you. With our barge, your holiday dreams are within reach, promising memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Kid's Activities

• Finding shells on the beach
• Canoeing up the mangroves
• Snorkelling in the estuary on the high tide
• Catching fish off the jetty
• Bike riding on the beach
• Toasting marshmallows at the fire
• Warming up in the hot tub
• Boating up the river
• Making new friends
• Feeling free to explore nature

• Slow family time together
• All meals were taken care of and there was no washing up!
• Great safe environment for kids to be active and make friends
• Cruises were fun for grandparents too
• Wonderful baby-sitters
• Hotel layout and grass verges made it easy to keep an eye on the little ones

Wavecrest is a joyfull place for young kids. It is open, free, safe and the natural beauty is an endless playground. We encourage family time, and whether its marshmallows around the fire on our jetty, snorkeling in the mouth, hours of fishing, or merely beach time with bucket and spade – kids love every minute of it. The relaxed atmosphere and flexible staff, mean meal times are easy for kids to enjoy, babysitters are available, and the numerous family units make accommodation easy for parents and kids.

Marine Life

The coastline is rich in marine life and from the hotel in the winter months you can often watch Southern Right and Humpback whales as they migrate up the coast and come close to shore. Daily you can see schools of dolphins surf in the waves as they prey upon Kob and other fishes. During June/July this coastline hosts the Sardine Run. At this time sharks and dolphins and large flocks of gannets prey upon millions of sardines in an event which has documented by filmmakers from around the world and is sometimes called “the Greatest Shoal on Earth’.